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Brooklyn Heights Show House

Artists Represented

Jon Rappleye

Bill Pagano

John Belingheri


2016 Hampton Showhouse

Traditional Homes Magazine

Artists Represented

Jon Rappleye

Doug Beube

Kerry Shaw

Jaq Belcher

Guy Laramee



Design in Color NYC

"Kyle Roberts had a single focus when designing the master suite sitting room for the Hampton Designer Showhouse. As he put it, 'I wanted it to be memorable without being obnoxious.' Roberts' color selection of Pratt & Lambert's Summer Petal 15-7 certainly makes the room memorable. The room oozes happiness and warmth, two key feelings that describe life in the Hamptons."

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Sarah Sarna

"...by new-to-me designer Lilliane Hart stood out as my favorite space, followed by another new-to-me designer Kyle Roberts' almost revolutionary use (by coastal home and showhouse standards) of sunny yellow in the Junior Master Sitting Room."

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Editor at Large

Watch a video tour of the Hampton Designer Showhouse here.